Stone Water Recycle Machine

Machine Description

The process of feeding, separating and unloading is carried out continuously and automatically under high-speed operation. The programmable control system is used to realize the automatic control of centrifugal and separating process. It covers a small area, is convenient to move, has low maintenance rate, and has high automation program. It can run continuously for a long time, and can separate clean water from sludge. The treatment of stone processing waste water is an important link in stone industry. Solid-liquid separator is a commonly used equipment for solid-liquid separation of stone processing waste water. Stone production and processing process consumes a lot of water, at the same time, it also produces a lot of waste water. If these waste water is directly discharged into the river, it will cause environmental pollution to the treatment of stone waste water. The company provides waste water treatment equipment for many stone companies – high-efficiency solid-liquid separator. After the treatment of the separator, most of the solid suspended particles are removed, and the water can be reused. It not only saves water resources, but also protects the environment. Granite sludge dewatering, stone washing waste water treatment, marble cutting and grinding waste water treatment advantages of using this equipment

  1. Use area is small, generally only need 2-8 square meters, easy to install.
  2. Good sealing, good working environment, strong ability of continuous work and processing capacity.
  3. The price of the product is affordable, the use cost is relatively low, the maintenance cost is very low and the maintenance is simple.
  4. The desliming amount is large, and no need for clean water to wash, which will not cause secondary pollution. Horizontal snail centrifuge marble production and processing sewage treatment equipment: simple operation, complete technical parameters, quality assurance, home service!
  5. Good adaptability: In the process, the special requirements of material and technology for centrifuge are fully considered, and the optimum design of specificity and adjustability of main components is implemented. As long as the user explains the location of installation and use, physical and chemical characteristics of material handling, process requirements and so on before purchasing the machine, we will provide users with the most suitable model.
  6. High degree of automation: the feeding, separating, unloading and other processes of marble cutting and flushing sludge dewaterer are carried out continuously and automatically under high-speed operation. The automatic control of centrifugal separation and washing process is realized by using programmable logic controller.
  7. Good operation stability: The differential used in solid-liquid separator is planetary wheel differential, which has the characteristics of large torque and wide adjustment range.
  8. Strong technicality: The solid-liquid separator of stone sludge is controlled by dual-motor dual-frequency energy feedback differential speed system, which can adjust the differential speed flexibly and steplessly, and adjust the differential speed at any time according to the change of material. Real energy-saving products.
  9. Good operating environment: The separation of materials by solid-liquid separator is carried out under completely closed conditions, which ensures that the operation site is clean and pollution-free, and keeps the production environment clean and hygienic, so as to realize civilized production.
  10. Safety protection devices are complete and reliable: the solid-liquid separator is equipped with multiple protection, such as torque protection and power control, which can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by sudden failure to the machine.
Stone Water Recycle Machine

Stone Water Recycle Machine

Water Recycling Machine Specifications

Model NumnberWSCL250*1000WSCL350*1000WSCL450*1000WSCL550*1000
Barrel diameter(mm)250mm350mm450mm550mm
Length of Barrel(mm)1000mm1600mm1800mm2000mm
Max Turning Speed(r/min)5400400036502780
Treatment Capacity(H/L)0.5-51--203--305-45
Power of Main Motor(kw)7.5152245
Machine Weight(t)11.82.54
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)2410*800*10803495*840*11804000*1080*13854330*1140*1470